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Monday 02 Jan - Sunday 08 Jan 2023


Goodbye 2022

As this is my first weeknotes of 2023, I’ll say goodbye to 2022 but don’t worry I’m not going to write a lengthy review of last year.

I’m going to copy the format of my friend Eleanor who does a nice retro style summary of her year.

So here is mine, after reflecting on 2022:


Putting my own needs behind those of others.


Genuinely taking care of my physical and mental health.


Blogging and writing - I enjoy it and it helps me to think.


Meaningless social media! - By which I mean, less ‘pull to refresh’, less blue light before bed, and less clickbait laden doom scrolling.

Weeknotes Season 4

I rather like the season & episode analogy for weeknotes, I don’t know who did it originally, possibly Matt Jukes?

To me it helps weeknotes to not feel like some sort of writing treadmill I can never step off.

I might have a break from weeknotes for a holiday, illness or just because my focus is needed elsewhere and that is fine. With that said, on with the show.



See you next week!