16 May 2021


I took a break last week from Weeknotes, primarily because I had forgotten to keep a log of each day and so found myself struggling to remember things worth sharing.

I've decided that it's OK to miss a week now and then.


  • Had my 1st Covid vaccination! As I'm under 40 the UK NHS offered me the Pfizer BionTech flavour of corona kicking goodness.

  • Started saying hello to users and stakeholders of the service I work on.—This past sprint we met remotely with LandStack who are doing interesting work to collect data and build tools to help people find planning applications, allocations and land availability assessments. —It was good to hear their story and to talk about their concerns about planning data as well as get feedback about the work of the Digital Land team.

  • Worked with Colm to update the design of data records page on the digital land site - Adding a new section (tab) to provide details of whether or not it has been referenced by other records.

  • Helped Katie (User Researcher I work with) to design and plan some workshops we'd like conduct with groups of users and stakeholders.

  • Tried 'Nova' a native mac code editor from Panic Software. I currently use VS Code but every now and then it feels slow and overcomplicated for what I need.

  • I went back to the gym since my last weeknote. I want to lose weight and feel better about myself because for quite a while I have essentially abused my body and used food as a way of burying my emotions.

    All of us have suffered during this pandemic and I had an incredibly stressful 2020. I noticed just how much physical exercise helps my mental health.

    The pandemic has impacted my fitness and progress because it forced Parkrun and Gyms to close, both of which helped me stay motivated and active.