02 May 2021


It is still the pre-election period in the UK, so with that in mind these weeknotes continue to have a more personal slant to them for the time being.


  • Another week of remote working, sharing a home office with my better-half. Thankful for noise cancelling Airpods and a large desk.

  • Hit 50K of walking for the month. Having a puppy Cavapoo has certainly got us moving.

  • My first visit back to a real world Gym since January. It hurt!

    Aside from having done minimal exercise for the past few months, it also hurt because I'm suffering from RSI. My elbow is inflamed meaning I can barely pick up a cup of tea without a lot of pain.

    I'm lucky to be able to afford the luxury of a personal trainer who has a lot of knowledge of physiotherapy and how to train with an injury. So I managed to not make things worse.

  • Still not eligible to book a Covid jab yet but was able to book a table at our favourite restaurant for May 17th. Something not quite about that is there?

    Still, I'm looking forward to a frosty pint with a good meal that is not sat at the dining table in my house.


  • Our dog Ted went to the doggy groomer to get his first proper hair cut. Came back half the dog he was!

    A photo of Fred showing before he was clipped as a fluffy mess and after as a neatly trimmed pup

  • Installed a 'Flutter Butter' bird feeder on the lamppost outside my house. Which received its first happy customer within 24 hours.

    A photo of a Bluetit sat on the flutter butter feeder which is attached to lamp post


  • Mare of Easttown starring Kate Winslet has us gripped at the moment. If you like a 'who done it' style drama then you should check it out.
  • The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley - I really like Alex Gibney documentaries because he has a way of making complex subjects accessible and engaging.
  • What is content design? - An introduction to content design by Giles Turnbull. Something I will doubtless share time and time again.