17 Apr 2021


In a sombre week for the UK, I:

  • Read 'Embrace the grind by Jacob Kaplan-Moss and really loved the message. Lots of things of real value are only possible by rolling up your sleeves and doing the hard yards.

    Incidentally Kieran Healy's twitter thread is data related and has a similar message.

  • Had a chat with Simon Wilson about design, delivery and some useful things worth knowing about my new organisation and to my new role. Such a nice gesture to get in touch and offer to answer questions and bounce ideas off. Really appreciated.

  • Met remotely with more of my team to say a proper hello over a brew. Getting to know your team when remote takes more concious effort, you can't just tag along to the sandwich shop at lunch.

  • Installed tmux and tmuxp which has enabled me to get code projects up and running again quickly with less typing.

  • Read 'Say Hello to CSS Container Queries' by Ahmad Shadeed where he talks about why we need container queries, how they will make your life easier, and most importantly, how they can help achieve more powerful components and layouts.

  • Listened in a few times on some of the team discussing really hard data problems and how they might approach them.

  • Learnt more from my new colleagues. This week I learned about 'Compact URIs' (also known as a CURIE)

  • I helped a friend to write a supporting statement for a job they are applying for. (Good luck!)

  • Updated some of the code on this site to make debugging and building easier.

  • Turned down an opportunity that in other circumstances I would have loved to do.

    Sorry for being cryptic twice in once weeknote but I wanted to acknowledge it and say I will never take my good fortune for granted and keep working hard to pay it forward as much as I can.

  • Tried my first ever 'Cinnabon'. It was so very good indeed.

    A photo of Cinnabon buns on display in the store

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