• S02 Episode 01

    Back on the weeknote train after a break prioritising time away from a screen

  • S01 Episode 07

    Workshopping and starting to dig into maps

  • S01 Episode 06

    Jabbed! I got my first Covid vaccination and started meeting users

  • S01 Episode 05

    Mare of Easttown, Walking and counting down til dining out

  • S01 Episode 04

    Another week closer to the end of restrictions

  • S01 Episode 03

    Weeknotes of a friendly designer from Manchester as the pubs reopen

  • S01 Episode 02

    Ramblings and happenings about things between April 05 - April 11 2021

  • S01 Episode 01

    My first ever weeknote post. Things I did and things I read.

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